Below is a entry from a blog i had written 10 months ago (last winter) I came across this and it was a reminder to me the way i felt then and how i do now. Still if feel the sense of gloomy feeling between winter and nice weather. But being sad more often or a little blue is normal in the winter. as for me i always think im crazy when i all of a sudden think of somthing from my past and get upset and cry. But things always looks different from a different perspective. Its winter now and everything looks like it has has the life sucked out of it. My life then seemed like i was on a neverending roller coaster ride. Shaken with fear. i look back now and smile at where i was to where i am now and know that if i change my way of thinking or think of things in more of a positive light it gets easier.


sounds crazy but looking out my windsheild things look ugly…. I look around and stare the sky looks gray the treeslook dark green and not the vibrant green they usually look like, i drive around for weeks and the world looks like this dark and gloomy place. confused buti eventuallyaccept this is just what the world looks like. Then i drive a different car for the day… the sky isBLUE BLUEclouds abigpuffyand white not the gray and uglyness i saw before and the trees They are thatVibrantgreeni was looking for. I just needed to clean my windsheild i guess.

”funny now im looking at the world from a different perspective.”


I know that these things dont work for everyone but id like to share some tips and tricks that help me with relaxation and just the overall symptoms of anxiety.

Feeling sick to your stomach from anxiety? try Gingerale, Crackers and Burts bees pepermint chapstick.

^^^ i always get the feeling that im gonna puke in public when i have anxiety.

-Get atleast 8-10 hours of sleep a night even if that means going to bed early.

-Push your limits get out. "when you dont want to is when you need to the most."

-Get up out of bed and clean something..Do your laundry/ clean your room

-Find an outlet… like walking down the street, Poetry, yoga, swimming, Painting, Excersise,

-try and eat a well balanced diet if you can help it..

Having trouble sleeping? i always have issues with my mind racing and thinking about the what if's and then i start to go negative. So i printed out a bunch of positive quotes and i posted on the wall right where i lay down so i see them right before i go to bed and right when i wake up. it helps me start the day off more positive.

Having trouble driving? Get in the car and sit. Turn on the raidio each day try and start the car and go a little down the street each day progress.'

Having trouble relaxing? Yoga has really worked for me And guided meditation If your interested in trying guided meditation you can youtube Deepak chopra he has alot of videos on there that will relax you maybe even just a little to take the edge off. I for one would not of got through the holiday stress with out it.

If you dont like meditation and it doesnt work for you try going out side and just taking some deep breaths and listen to the sounds of nature..birds chirping, wind blowing notice the trees and the grass.

Animals are also another BIG anxiety reliver for me. Whenever im feeling that tightness in my chest or i just want to detatch from social event find somthing fluffy and just pet it. Animals are known to reduce blood pressure and can help distract you from whatever your worrying about.

If you are worried about a twitch or and a pain in a weird place be realistic about it and DO NOT get on WEBMD or GOOGLE it only makes it worse. Atleast for me it does I know in my rational mind stomach ache is not cancer and a headache is not a brain tumor. "Most of the time the things you worry about never happen"

I am by no means where i want to be with my anxiety and i know i have alot of work to do. But those are just some things that i do to pick my self up or help the symptoms when im feeling completely overwhealmed (becuase i dont take medication)

Hope this helps some one.


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