Today I am so grateful for all the little and big things that happen each day. Yesterday I was feeling so horrible as a result of my anxiety – terrible headaches, nausea, head racing. Today, thanks to my hubby and some new and wonderful friends I have met through this site, my mind and body are finally giving me a break and everything seems to be at peace. Ahhh!! Plus waking up this morning in a better head space definitely helps. It's amazing what a little self-motivation and a shift in your internal dialogue can do on your physical and emotional being. It started last night with a great hug from my husband. It wasn't any different than normal, but just feeling his embrace, going to my "safe place" as I call it, right there on his shoulder resting my head, all the anxiety that had been building up all day long, rose up and burst out in a flood of unexpected tears. After that, my mind and body were at peace and in harmony for the rest of the night and thankfully it's carried over to today. I almost didn't start the day this way as when I awoke I started to head back into the "doom and gloom" mind set that I had always been feeling each morning. But not today. I was determined not to let it continue. I reminded myself of how lucky I am tojust be waking up to see another day and to rejoice in that and be happy. It worked and I plan on repeating that same mantra to myself each and every day. Yeah I could let people or things in my life get me scared and worried, but at the end of the day where does all that worry get me? Nowhere. Yes, it led me to this site, and for that I am very grateful (Brezzia and FLORIDA in particular!). And hopefully I can pay it forward and help others just like everyone here has helped me. Here's to many more good days for me, and everyone reading this.

  1. butters 12 years ago

    Well thats great to hear. Days like yours today are golden, and for me they dont happen alot, but they are great when they do.

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  2. Brezzia 12 years ago

    🙂 I am sincerely glad that your day has turned around from the previous! Living proof that anxiety can be defeated in the future. I hear what you mean that sometimes a hug from your safety-net helps a ton. Better days are surely to come with determination such as yours, which I commend. Well, certainly a \”woohoo!\” from me haha.

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