Well Hallo again folks-tis the prodigal Nut nut! (jus' wen you tawt it was safe……!). so another year another blog!

(strange isnt it how I seem to wend my way here bout the same time each year? an I thought the so called official "most deppressing day of the year" (as opposed to all those non-official most deppressing day(s) of the year) was 'bout 2 week back-interesting, but as per usual I digress! Whassup wiv da 'waif I hear you cry (or is that just the voices again ), truth be told not a great deal- as you know the last blog found yours truly in a lovely little room of ones own (well bungalow actuallybut thats not as literary!) I am still here and have great plans for the garden as I had great fun producing my own spuds, garlic an lettuce last year (no I don't get out much!) I now have 11 (count 'em) Guinea pigs Not intentional- what happened was…. I was asked to rescue 2 girlie pigs who needed a home, now at first I said no being a sensible mother of 3 (piggles) already, but then I started to worry 'bout what would happen to the poor lil mites if I didnt give them a home, would they be on the streets? forced into a life of crime and piggie prostitution???? No I could not allow that to happen, so I checked that they were good girls from a good family, that they had never been near a boy etc and I was assured that they were healthy virgin piggies with lovely manner! thus consoled I took the girlies in and the prettiest lil lasses you couldn't hope to meet! fast forward 2 months and I find myself witness to 2 (apparently) immaculate conceptions as the girls both give birth to a litter of 3 babies (the sweetest things-guinea pigs are born fully formed eyes open and are running round within a matter of hours=mini-pigs!!) well I fell in love and by the time they were old enough to go to new homes my new owners criteria was so strict that no-one would've passed even if I knew anyone! my oldest Piggie The long suffering and heroic Spartacus now has his own twitter page and facebook page (and more friends!)

I've restarted my Degree with the Open university, and am currently doing Human biology with the hope it'll get me onto a radiography course next year (but The best laid plans of 'waifs an men…..) I'm still fat (by former skinnyrexics standards!) and have managed to "maintain" for nigh on 2 years (I hate hate hate hate it) and have been "slipping" for the last couple of months but hey ho-the size of my butt at the mo-I could feed an eskimo family for an entire winter!

My tame shrink left (I'm hoping it was nothing to do with me!) and I now have a new one that I'm currently breaking in (I will try an be gentle wiv her!!! mwah hah hah) and that is pretty much that….. I hope I not bored/ dissapointed/ bemused/ confused/ all of the above. too much! I hope all Y'all are doing well (as much as us poor mixed up kids can do!) and that your coping as well as you can! This is where I sign off for now-I would make abject apologies an promise (or is that threaten?!) to blog more often but you know what I'm like, so I'll just offer to try and hope that failing that I'll see ya same time next year !!!!!! Keep Safe Stay Strong and be good to yourselves, much love (an piggle hugs) 'Waif xx


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