3 days ago was the saddest day in my life. I just came back from the lake and got home to found the message my brother sent me on my facebook. He only says 3 words " Mom passed away"

I remember when I was little how I always try to avoid being with her, because everytime we talk, either she is giving me advice or she is yelling at me. Thats why I always try to get busy by being a girl scout, mount climbing, rock climbing, swimming, dancing, water rafting and even join in a drama club.

I married young and left the house only few months after and with everything happening in my life, seems like I keep running away from mom. I moved to few countries and even now I stay in a contienent far away from her.

But that three words " Mom passed away" makes me miss her.
I miss her cooking, she always cook us a good food. Everytime I wanted her to cook me something, somehow I will get it on the table . When I sick, mom always rub my belly with vicks. When I hurt myself from doing all the outdoor sports, she is always ready to give my legs and my arms a good massage.
Everytime I have unexpected friends coming over, she doesn't mind to cook them food, and make them drinks. She will tell us the story when she was young.

I miss my mom, I miss when she yells at me because I got home late, or because I didn't eat my food. She will yell at me because I married the wrong guy who keeps hurting me. But one day when I was a child, I found a dirty cat that was pregnant and brought it home. I keep it and the cat gives us few kittens. But because I was too busy, I didn't treat them properly. Mom grounds me for that and she told me to treat them like I supposed to. I didn't listen. She got mad, and she brought the cats to the field close to home when I was at school. She knows the cats will survive, we live in a big city where all the little creatures can find their way to keep themself alive. But I was really mad at her when I got back from school and didn't find them. I cried and I told her to find them or I will not eat and drink anything. She went out and took her hours before she finally decided to get few local kids and give them money to find my cats. She did find them all and brought home cats and my favorite snack.

Mom sorry for not spending more time with you and from keep running away from your side. I miss you and love you so much.
Please keep watching me from above like you always do.


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