I hate being misunderstood. Hence why my anxiety is so bad. I stay quiet around others because I’m always coming off as rude or offensive or mean , conceited, too proud or whatever when I’m none of the above! I write in my journal because there I can express myself without having the fear of being wrongfully judged. Yet I see so many people who literally say the same things I do and they don’t get discriminated for it, they’re seen as humorous or whatever.. so now if I do find myself around people I avoid communication at all costs and if they initiate, I keep it at a very minimum pace until the conversation eventually dies down because then I won’t have to worry about possibly saying something the wrong way and them taking it out of context. 😔

  1. ojp10 4 years ago

    That’s sounds so awful! It does sound like discrimination of some kind. In what areas of your life does this happen?

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      blacbeauty 4 years ago

      General life. Every corner I turn. Even on Facebook…I’ll share my opinion on something in a comment and they come at me getting offensive when I honestly didn’t mean it that way. And I go over things I say in my head and it confuses me. Sigh..

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