So today is Friday…Yay! Last Saturday was my dad's birthday and my grandma got released from the hospital. That's when my panic attacks started up again…That morning me and my mom left our house around 8am to go visit my grandma in the hospital. We got some coffee, but we didn't eat breakfast or anything. Big mistake on my part. We did get some good news that my grandma was going to get released and go home. We ended up not leaving the hospital until about 1pm. After that me and my mom went to Ross to look for this weight set my dad wanted for his birthday, and to look around for ourselves of course =) After that we finally went to Arby's to get some lunch and it was about 2:30. I had finished eating my burger and was working on the curly fries when I just started feeling funny…Tmy mom was on the phone with my 2 year old cousin and I just got super hot. I took my jacket off and I started feeling lightheaded and I couldnt take it, so I walked to the bathroom to calm myself down a little bit. I thought it was because I went so long without eating. We still had another stop to get my dad's dumbell weight set he wanted for his birthday. So i got in the car and was doing fine for about 10-15 minutes. Then we were stopped at a stop light and i got an overwhelming feeling of heat again and felt uneasy so I drank my drink and tried to breathe. My mom used to have anxiety really bad so she kind of knows how to deal with it and help me. The entire drive to the sporting goods store, I was anxious. We had to take the freeway for a while and the whole time I just had my feet up on the dashboard and my head on my knees with my eyes closed just trying to focus on my breathing. Once we got to the store I took a few minutes to compose myself then went inside. I started out fine but then just thinking about what had happened got to me and I started feeling anxious again. On the way home I was fine but I decided to not pay attention to the road and to sit in the same position as the way up. When I got home I just laid on the couch napping and I felt SOOOOO much better, but we had my dads birthday dinner to go to. On the drive there I felt anxious and was anxious at the dinner at first until everyone got there and I started eating.

The next day I thought I would be fine so I went to the store with my mom. When we were stopped at a stop light I got that hot feeling again and the light headedness so my mom turned the A/C up and we got to the store, but I still found myself a bit anxious. The rest of this week I have been doing fine. I think my problem is when I think about what happened or worrying that it will happen again. I've been bringing a water bottle with me everywhere I go, making sure I eat and focus on my breathing.

  1. irvineguy 12 years ago

    Good for you sticking it through! Thinking about things then quitting is tough to do and thinking/doing things is even tougher.

    Riding in a car after eating or just riding period can be an intense experience for all of us here. You may have been focusing on your fathers b-day too much that when you caught yourself thinking about \”not thinking about it,\” you got surprised and felt some what disoriented or ?

    Too much to process and or contemplate but at least you did well and I\'m happy for you. Such a fighter at anxieties and that\'s how it should be. Hey, we all win and lose here and there but at least it\'s nice to know others like yourself are winning one for the team.


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  2. stopthetummyache 12 years ago

    I get very anxious in traffic and very anxious before social events, afraid of being late or afraid no one will show up,and I get very very nervous about sickness or hospitals. In short, I know how you feel, exactly how you feel! 🙂

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