today was the first day back from winter brake, we were all infromed of the death of a studant, her name was Hanna. i did not know her, but i do know we have lost another. so a weard thong about me, im vary receptive of other peoples emotions and pain. like empathyon crack! i can walk by some one and know that thier son in dieing of canser and i offter talk topeople about it and im seldome wrong. i know that some people that read that wont beleave me or will think im trying to get attention butim only trying to express my true self. any waysoim vay receptive andmy class is full of all Hannas friends. i can litrealy see the pain in the air. to make things worse its creative wrighting, the teacher asks us to share thepoems we justroght. EVERY ONE WAS CRYING!!! i dont like to show my emotions, not because it make me week or something, i just feel its a varyintemet thing to cry and i dont want other people around. well Hannas boyfrind (of 4 years)was in my class,he was playing it cool untill the teacher asked him to share. the trueth of his pain…. i could feel it as it was my own.. i was crying. i was holding my hart. trying to be strong for them. and when he started crying … i walked out. i rann down the hall and out the school. i could not do it. it was too much!! of corese i was brought back and forced to talk to a counaler. but i cant tell them how crawds of emotions are for me the wont understand, ( wow that was so tipical teen) i dont know i just feel like this extreem of emotiona sensitivety is not healthy. all their pain just brought up old memorys and… im wrighting this to stop my self from making a bad move. im going to stay on track and FortyFor thank you for the advice, im going to start a yoga class and im reading up on meditation its acualy prittty grate! 🙂 any way iv see that alot of people on her are Christions and i just wanted to ask if you Christions that read this pray fro the family and close friends of Hannas. mostly her boyfrind. thank you so much for reading and giveing me our time. may your GOd Bless you and your family


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