I woke up early on Sunday ::gasp:: and went to the gym.  Afterwards, I ran some errands and then sat on my patio watching the herds of cars pack into the church parking lot next door as they do every Sunday.  I sat with my feet up as a large, black butterfly flew near me (why do I only notice their beauty when I am at peace with myself?)…enjoying the endorphins from my workout, still listening to my mp3 player on shuffle.  Oceanographer’s Polaroid Prince (http://www.oceanographermusic.com/) came on and it made me realize that music is my religion, truly. 


People seek out religion in order to find strength, guidance, a way to get through the days.  That is what music does for me.  Yeah, it sounds completely corny, but I’m sure many can agree with me, especially those not religious in the traditional God-fearing sense.  I’m not saying I am better than those that choose to worship a God, whatever makes you a more enlightened person – I’m all for.  I never really appreciated organized religion.  I didn’t “get it” nor did I feel anything, and really did not like the social aspect of it.  And that doesn’t surprise me since I’m a fairly private person who cherishes her solitude.


Music has helped me understand life and myself.  It has guided me through the toughest of situations.  It has always been there and never failed me.  It touches me with feelings of hope, despair, heartache, love, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, anger, and every other human emotion one can experience.  Without music, I would be a lost soul.  Because of music, I feel alive.


Without music life would be a mistake.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  1. Thelema 14 years ago

    Yeah music is great. I'm pretty much a metal head. Metal can range from uplifting songs to the darkest things. It helps me cope with all the crap. I just picked up a GWAR album today. "This is the life I have whored myself to" damn right! hehe


    The worst thing is hearing love songs right after you get your heart broken….

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  2. fallingangel 1 year ago

    I agree 100% with everything you wrote about loving music. I also feel it’s almost a religious experience for me when I listen to it. It soothes me in a way that nothing else can. My favorite thing in the world is to sit in my rocking chair and relax and listen to the music on my phone. Classic and alternative rock is my favorite, but I have a little bit of everything on my Spotify playlist.

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