Hi I’m mily I’m new and I’m on on a pathway to be diagnosed with ASD being put on the spectrum and it’s hard because I have sensory  issues Life is hard for me but having severe anxiety and depression is makes it harder and I have been through therapy for suicide I’ve tried self harming numerous times the therapy didn’t help so I got a life coach it’s going well but I still am depressed and no one knows it and I am paranoid all the time and people in school make fun of me for stimming and due to my OCD it doesn’t help I have to constantly keep my hands or feet busy I have anxiety so bad I can’t leave the house without being stressed I’m an emotional wreck I’m what’s known as “ Emotionally unstable” I’m going into year 10 my first proper GCSEs year and I feel like I can’t do it I’m stressed to the core and I have IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) it means I have bathroom issues that are caused by stress and I can’t eat much dairy and I have stress induced eczema and also a lockjaw “it’s common but rare” quoted from my dentist that’s cause by stress and tension and I’m a ticking stress time bomb What should I do? -Emrose06 


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