My three days off was great. My first day off I went to Temple Bar Square. I brought my drum and was kind of bumming around when I met a slovakian rapper. His friend was a traveller from California; we got along quite well and he showed me a thing-er-two on the drum. Nathaniel (the guy from Cali) was a drifting traveller on somewhat of a budget, and because of this he was spending his nights sleeping in Temple Bar, a haven for buskers from all over the world. Sensing that he was a good spirited kind of guy, and because I got good vibes from him, I invited him and his friend over for dinner. The next day Nathaniel was invited to spend the night with us. We had no couch because an Austrailian lad called Mike was couch surfing with us (he is now due to move into my room when I leave for three months on August 15th). Because we couldn’t offer the couch I let Nathaniel sleep in my bed and Justyna and I shared her single bed. The next night Nathaniel insisted he slept on the floor in the boys room because he was due back late that night… I readily accepted his proposal because man Justyna and I were like two sardines. Nathaniel also came with my roomates and I to Bray, a beautiful area in Dublin along the Ocean coast. There was a sort of small fair taking place there so Justyna and I went on a ride that gave us butterflies as it rocked back and forth at great heights. I felt like a child, it was wonderful. There was also a mountain (a hill by my standards :tongue:) for climbing. The view at the top was absolutely magnificant; you felt bathed in the greens and blues, and the mist swirled around us like a cocoon or womb. I felt so peaceful, and I knew that this was the kind of surrounding I needed. I actually considered just not going back to work on Monday. I can’t wait until I go to work on that Organic Farm in mid August, even though I know I will miss my roomates: Though I’ve only spent a short period of time with them I feel we have quickly formed family-like bonds. Even though I am still having problems with my OCD I still feel that I have made immense improvements in the last few months, and I believe that the laughter, care and support that they have given me has played a big role in my healing. I hope they will all still be in our Bolton Apartment (save Vincenzo) when I come home from my travels. I haven’t had a friend like Justyna in a long time, a girl friend who hugs me and kisses my nose and gives me her blanket in the morning. My things have become her things and hers are mine with no exceptions or questions. We kind of speak our own language, we decided, a mixture between English, Polish, Irish and Borat. I haven’t had a friend with such exclusive bonds, and with whom I’ve shared so much laughter since I was maybe 16. Bruno is also a special person to me. When he first came to view our flat I felt he was nice but was otherwise indifferent to him. However, as time has passed I feel that we are experiencing some unusually deep bonds which I cannot explain. I can’t speak for Bruno I know that in my heart there is a kind of love budding. How or if it will ever bloom I am not sure but whatever the way things go I know I want to keep in contact with him. He is the most genuine person I have ever met in my life.
Anyways. It was wonderful to be off work, and even though i had a slight relapse in my bulimia on friday night, I have been doing better this week, much much better. Needless to say, going to work today was hard! 😉


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