It all started in elementary school. I was bullied every day. They made fun of me because I wasn’t the best at math and I was on the lowest math level. I was bullied on the bus in middle school. It got so bad to the point where it got physical. I moved to a private school. the first year was good. Then things started going downhill. I was diagnosed with depression in 8th grade because of a really mean rude teacher that I had. She was so mean she sent one person every time out of the room crying because she was so mean.


I’m now in high school in 10th grade and I am lesbian and people are making fun of me because of my sexuality. Ive been feeling very hopeless and I don’t know what to do anymore. I could really use some nice friends. My best friend also passed away a few months ago it has been very hard to move on

  1. ennard-fan7 12 months ago

    I have a friend that died too so i know how that feels. I also know how it feels to have a very mean person in life. we could talk if you want.

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  2. Author
    arobbs312 12 months ago

    Thank you so much

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  3. randomshadesofpastel 7 months ago

    Well I still have friends who are very much alive and doesn’t consider the fact that I’m depressed… I feel you… Tbh I’m kinda good at studies .. let’s say average ….but I’ve been bullied too . . For being overweight… It’s okay though… Until my family said I was overweight too…. I currently only have two friends whom I can count on…. But live miles away from me and I haven’t seen them in person. Just saying… If you feel like you need someone to talk ….. I’m here..

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