Finally addressing an old wound…literally. My jaw was re-aligned by the fist of my father.

My teeth grew in crocked and crowded. At 11 years, my mom and I went to an orthodontist seeing about correcting my overbite (also caused by abuse). Well, my then recently divorced father agreed to pay half as long as I paid half of that…$1100 back in 1973! What a guy!

Well on Feb 3 of the year of 2011, I am getting my teeth straightened…the hard way. I am having most of my uppers that are remaining extracted and getting a partial.

Today, during the making of the mold, i experienced a body memory (a memory from the 60's that actually stayed in my jaw all these years). It's a type of flashback.

Anyway, as I am a multiple, I switched to a much younger self and started to cry in front of the 24 yr old dental asst (the age of my daughter). The dentist knows of my dx. I don't think she does.

Practiced a couple new grounding skills, like looking out the window, cleaning up my face in the mirror, and small talking with my dental asst. I recovered rather quickly in the office.

Once i got to my car, well..the weeping of my younger parts broke free. I "talked" it out on my t's voice mail, dried my tears, and moved on with my day.

Stopped in for my weekly weight check-in at my med doc…down another 3.2 pounds, a total of close to 15 since 12/27 (weight watchers)!

I celebrated with a Culver's raspberry shake, and went home to have lunch…and a much needed nap.

But , I digress. I will finally have the smile of my dreams next week!!! Dad's been gone almost ten years now…and finally I will beam radiatently with a brand new smile. Can't wait to see myself in the mirror that day! Okay, maybe a few days later after the swelling goes down.

Guess recovery from the surgery can be rough. As I have a very low pain tolerance, again due to my history; my dentist will prescribe strong meds to keep me comfortable.

My dear friend will be at my side, as the injection knocks me out, when i come to, and for most of the day.

I am grateful for kind, dedicated, generous dentist, an FSA so I can afford to pay him, and dear friends at my side, each step of the way on this road to recovery.

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