Oh how I wish I remembered I'd had this page 6 weeks ago I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in I married my finance what a fucking mug I am the guys a twat with a cocaine addiction aslong as my arm he don't pay the bills he works constant nights comes in goes sleep at the weekend he goes out friday saturday nights drinking and sunday he spends all day with his son from a previous relationship we have had sex twice since we got married he controls all the money and basically everything we do if he don't want to do it we don't end of! I'm meant to be going out with my friend tonight for her 30(h birthday I have a grand total on 76p so how am I meant to do that ?? He s just asked me to go shop for HISs breakfast I've never been this skint unhappy and run down in my life and to top it all off I now have my ccrazy ex just out of jail my heads done in I see no way out I've asked him to leave but he won't he doesn't help around the house its like having a fith child I want out! I'm suicidal again and just don't want to go on! He also has a dog he expects me to look after aswell as holding down a job and looking after MY (there not his children) he s never here 2 weeks before we got married I found texts on his phone I was too scared to back out because of the money I had spent on it that should have been a sign a big sign I need advice how can I go and claim single parent 6 weeks after getting married surely ill look like a twat??


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