I didn’t pick a category because “Life” wasn’t on the list, and I didn’t want to limit myself.  Truth be told I’m not sure what I’m going for here, other than having a sounding board that isn’t attached to an AA meeting (apparently I have commitment issues).  So here I am, newly registered and having a hard time coming up with something witty to write (awkward silence).  I guess this is going to be my semi-public online journal. I already have three (or is it four) books I write in, sitting here on my desk, but there isn’t an area for responses and honestly if I saw an entry that wasn’t mine, I’d be petrified while wondering if it was from a chapter in “Heaven Can Wait” or “Poltergeist”.   Anyway, whether you like it or not, I’m taking you with me on my journey through life, because I’m lonely and need attention. So we’ll just call this “Day Two” and see where it goes.  Feel free to chime in, but be gentle because I’m very sensitive, impressionable and highly likely to resort to responding by calling you names and spewing all kinds of symbols from top of the keyboard if you hurt my feelings.  So, if you’re having a good day, I’m really happy for you and share in the joy.  If you’re not, I completely understand and support you, as I’ve more than likely had some experience that relates.  Either way I send you all my best.

Until my next entry…Keep your chin up (in my case chins >_>)

Love Tati

Oh heavens to mergatroyd, I had to be prepared to write three hundred words on every post? And, here I was so proud of myself with how nicely I expressed my thoughts and closed my very first post. Ohhphh wait 300!


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