Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed last year, 2010, December.

It came as a total shock if I am honest, but I dealt with it well.

I remember going for my test, I was feeling unwell for a month or so, had a bad water infection, and tired. I went to my Dr, who didn't even suggest I went for a test, plus I had various blood tests before.

I went for my test, all okie dokie, and waited a week for my result.

I went back to the clinic, right as rain, sunny day outside, day off, great day for shopping. I was called in by the nurse, Jean. She simply said "well Alex, it has come back positive".

I just said 'oh, ok' . . . didn't know what else to say. she told me I had to have more tests, it was that that made me feel sick the most, I was sick of talking to her and wanted to get out. I started getting all clamed up.

After my blood tests, I was told I had to go back a few days later. I got on the bus back into town, and everything seemed silent. I had no emotions that day.

My sister called me at 1.06pm, I was sat outside Yorkshire bank in Doncaster, she said "how did it go?' And I said 'I got hiv'.

She told me she would meet me at 6pm before I went home to tell my mum.

I went shopping, had a beer or two, and met a friend called Carl, who was brilliant and we had a laugh, what a star he was.

I went home and told my mum, no tears, no questions. W e simply got on with it.

I think it is because I had an idea that I might have it, no because I had lots of unprotected sex, because I had not. So it is a mystery who passed it on to me, though I can narrow it down to a few people, though it has not been discussed so far.

Having HIV to me has made no difference to my life, i am very honest about it, and told various people, some of who are not confidential about it, and so, I have become more aware of trust and so on.

Sometimes, I do feel a bit sad about it, taking meds and so on.

Other then that, all is good, I would like to change careers and work in Sexual Health and so on from now on.


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  1. gregPriv 12 years ago

    Hi there,

    You will be doing great like others here. It is really good of you to work in Sexual Health. May be this will give you more confident on life and to help others educate on healthy sex and to prevent it from spreading. I really like your thoughts.

    David Yee

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