So I am writing my blog a little earlier than usual today. For a few reasons, mainly because when I wait to write in the evenings, it’s inevitably going to be a little miserable and not really how I want to portray myself on a day-to-day basis.


I’ve woken up feeling much more positive today. A little bit of a sore throat, but that’s to be expected with gastritis. I can’t assuredly say that I will be feeling this positive until I go to sleep tonight, but I can try.


As most of us at the moment, I don’t really have any plans today. I’ve decided to set myself a few personal goals for today. To spend at least 30 minutes doing some positive and feel good exercise (Yoga, maybe a workout video) and to write a list of everything I am grateful for in my life. I need to start focusing on the positives and not letting the negative thoughts drown me. I saw a great post from someone on this website and it really stayed with me. It simply said ‘What we focus on, grows’. That is so true. The more anxious and worked up I get and the more I panic, the worse it gets. I think trying to focus on positive things only is a great step in the right direction.


I wanted to start writing one thing I am grateful for, each day in my blog. Today is;

My Dog.

His name is Joey and he is such a good boy – the BEST! He just turned one last week and as you can see…we had a little party.

He’s very young and not actually trained as an emotional support dog but he is very perceptive and comforting. He doesn’t like it when I cry and will come over and give me kisses when I’m upset (which is a lot lately). So I am incredibly grateful for my sweet puppy every day, not just today.


I’m going to go and have some breakfast and continue my Game of Thrones binge!




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