i decided to use this place to share my poems.
 i have always found that writing brings me a sence of peace,
 and is my therapy.♥

here is some stuff I have now:

Thoughts have the power of fire 

Their consequences can be dire

A thought can control a life

A hand can hold a knife

A voice can hold a choice



I hate you I want to say 

As you hurt me again every day

You’re a hypocrite I want to yell

Every time I hang up a call with you on my cell

You’re killing me I want to cry

But I’m scared my tears will never dry



Roses are red 

Violets are blue

I’m sorry I had to leave you



There is nothing left to say when words can’t fill the silence of your soul

The shatters of my soul are cutting up my mind

The trails that I leave aren’t made with broken hearts or blood but by pieces of my soul that got stuck along the way



I like the color blue

It’s calm and quiet 

Or maybe loud chaotic

I like the color red

It trickles down my arms in little rivers

It’s bold and demanding

Leaving no room for discussion 

I like the color black,

Though some say it’s a shade 

It’s dark and scary

Emotionless and stiff

It’s a smoke screen to hide 

all the mess that’s inside



My mind is running circles

But my body is paralyzed 

My thoughts are jumping from side to side 

While my hands are cold and numb

The words are on the tip of my tongue 

But my mouth just can’t seem to open 




Break my heart to remind me I have one

Break it and shake it till you hear my screams echo in your mind

Glue it back together so I can learn to love again

Glue it and stitch it back to life

So the cycle starts again



Everyone knows how to explain sadness and anger

They know how to put jealousy into words

But how do you form an explanation for a word so demanding as loneliness 

It’s like longing for something without knowing what 

It’s like mourning the loss of a friend you never knew

Like hugging a shadow that doesn’t exist 

It’s the smell of fresh rain in the middle of summer

A need for a hug from a nameless stranger 

It’s the feeling of numbness after a cold shower

It’s the disappointment of failure after working so hard

So how can one explain such a feeling as loneliness 



Your heart is a fortress 

Built from scars and empty darkness 

The door is guarded by a masked stranger

An army of words always ready for danger 

The rooms are quiet and cold 

Sad and alone till the day you grow old



It’s just the teenage years

It’s just the teenage fears

It’s just the teenage tears

And I’m just a teenage girl



This haze 

This daze

Or should I call it pain

The craze 

the glaze 

or should I call it tears

The wake 

The shake 

Or should I call it fear

But till the day the word will come I think I’ll call it life



The sky is crying

Tears of sorrow Tears of pain

And I am weeping with it

The stolen time and joy

The robbed innocence 

Weigh heavy on juvenile shoulders

The howling wind though scary

Like a timeless caress 

Its sound, one of a lulling tune

Falling on the ears of lost children



I’m trying so hard to find a reason not to kill myself and I keep coming up blank.                                     that scares me, I think it scares me more than death itself. How did I get here? how did I get to this point? how did it get this bad?. I still remember being four and playing on the seesaw with my friends, but suddenly I’m fourteen with a Myriad of scars adorning my skin like jewelry,                                            A bookshelf of trauma like a library at the back of my mind. 



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