Soooo ive been married for 8 years now , i dnt know when or how it happened but over the pass few months we been fighting over everything , i always thought that we should get separated an move on but now that he has actually moved out for a few days i find myself feeling bad an guilty like its my fault that i behaved so immature at times an like its my fault for ruining the marriage  he wants to work on the marriage but i honestly have no idea what i want ,but i do feel sad an like im making a big mistake now that he is gone.

  1. rrhea 2 years ago

    When me and my husband would get in an argument and he would leave I would always question myself on how I could have handled the situation better and if it was my fault. I would always second guess things, blame myself and even make the first move to apologize but the whole time it was really all him and his wrong doing. When you play it all back in your head do you really feel like it’s your fault?

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  2. loveluther 2 years ago

    hi I’m new and not certain of the rules or social etiquette of engagement here bare with please,,,, but I do likewise “play (problems)… back in my head” as well just to ascertain who what when how & where..things could have been made different ,,, which i know rarely helps after the fact …but usually gives me a leg up on the nex hump up the HopeHill.. So i reiterate the sentiment of rrheas post

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