Well, let me first start off by saying I joined here yesterday, July 2nd, and it's great!


For today's entry, I'll talk about all my current events I have going on.


Tomorrow is the 4th of July here in the States.  Typically, my mom and I head over to Lawrence to go to a carnival and to see a fireworks display.  We used to go see the downtown fireworks, but it's really hard to get out of there when everyone else is leaving at the end, too.  This year, however, the family is coming over to our house to shoot fireworks off.  My mom and I live in the very back of a large courtyard, and we have the longest driveway in the neighborhood.  So there's plenty of room for shooting off fireworks.  Hopefully everything will go well.  You know, no houses engulfed in flames or anything afterwards. lol  My mom and I are also going to see a movie ("American Girl") tomorrow, too.  In case you haven't seen the series, it teaches history through the kid's perspective.  It doesn't over-do it either, but you definitely get a good taste of what life was like back then.  It's a very good series.


On Saturday, we have to clean this house from top to bottom (or bottom to top).  We're filming the house to submit it on "My House is Worth What?" so we can be on the show.  We've already completed the first few parts of the process.  The people at the show sound very excited that we have a three-car side-load garage, a hard find in Indiana.


On Sunday, I'm leaving for my week-long trip to Virginia.  I'm going to go meet my boyfriend there, whom I've talked to online and on the phone for over a year now.  I will be staying with he and his family.  He's actually very supportive of my OCD.  He often tries to make me feel better about it and tries as hard as he can to understand what it's like as he definitely does not have it.  I'm sure everything will go well when I'm there.  He's also taking me to see "Wall-E" in theaters (there's a cute little cleaning bot in that movie I'm curious about), he's taking me to Washington DC, we're going to the zoo there, we're going shopping, and we're going to Kings Dominon, the sister theme park to Kings Island, which is over in Cincinatti.  I hate just lounging around on vacation, so all of this will be a lot of fun!


Well, that's all I really have going on right now.  I want to soon write more blogs which further explain who I am and what I like in much more deph.  I'll do that once I arrive back from my vacation on the 12th. : )

  1. Flaky 14 years ago

    Don't worry, everything will be fine.  I know him very well and he totally respects my wishes.  Plus his mom is going to be home for the summer as she works at a school, so she'll always be there.  So will the rest of his family.  I know I may sound foolish by doing all of this, but there's really nothing not to trust about him.

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  2. bluebuddha 14 years ago

    -Have a good time, be safe and be careful. I understand what Iwannabefree is saying…


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  3. Flaky 14 years ago

    Thanks!  And trust me, there is no need to worry.  Like I said, his mom will be there the whole time. ; )

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  4. ahendri 14 years ago

    Hey there-


    Welcome to the site, we're glad to have you here. I'm 19 and a student also. Where are you at school? I'm just starting at KU, which is a big adjustment for me. Keep us posted on how everything goes!



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  5. Flaky 14 years ago

    jackie4030- I live in the Indianapolis area.  I actually just went to Kings Island a couple of weeks ago, too.  I can't wait to see how Kings Domion compares to it!

    ahendri- Thanks!  I'm going to start my freshman year off at Ivy Tech.  After that, I want to go to IUPUI to finish up my four years.

     Iwannabefree- I actually won't be leaving until Sunday and I'm not going to be able to go online while I'm there.  But when I get back that Saturday, I'll definitely let you know how everything went!  Thanks for caring. : )

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