With this being my first blog, I'm not certain what to write so I will start with an introduction. My name is Ashley and I am currently in my third year of college for Human Services and Psychology. Along with being a full time student I am also employed full time as a fast food resturant manager. I am 21 years old and as you can see I have a lot on my plate. As far as intrests go, I like social activies, and I rescued a spoiled beagle named Rex.

My anxiety is realitivly mild and is mostly related to stress. WIth working full time (and usually overtime) plus going to school I find myself burned out. When it comes to my performance at work or school I am always striving for my best. (I am somewhat of a perfectionist in that regard) I am constantly worried and struggle with financies and that is where the majority of my anxiety comes from. I also worry about what-ifs. I will not drive on the major highway in my town because I feel like every day someone dies on it. (although I am not afraid to drive on any other highway..weird I know). I also have anxiety when I am outside by myself in the dark. I refuse to take my dog outside after dusk and if I'm going to or from my car I'm usually running. I don't live in a horrible neighborhood or anything, but its an apartment complex that has its occassional vandalism. I am constantly in fear of my safety, always aware of my surroundings and yelling at my boyfriend when I think his driving is unsafe.

I never considered myself to have anxiety until a month ago when I began having horrific chest pains. I went to the ER and had a lot of test done, and the only thing that came of it was I was stressed out and had GAD. My doctor prescribe me buspar, but I'm uneasy with the drug so I haven't taken any of it. I mean I definitly have the whole bad childhood, not so good, family thing that is a big sign of anxiety, but I don't know. I feel like I can fight it without medication. I am generally a postive person and the anxiety affects me only when I am alone. I don't think most people know i even have it. I guess I am conflicted on how to resolve this issue.

OK. So this is my first blog……I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'm not one to throw my problems out in the open, nor am I one to attract attention to myself. Any suggestions? I am open to anything. You can respond with suggestions to my problems, my blog, or a little insight on how this website works.

Thanks a bunch,


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  1. duchamp 11 years ago

    Hi Ashley, welcome! This website is great, i have been here about 2 weeks or so and even just writing down my problems and thoughts is a great relief, and giving others words of advice or just sending your love when someone is going through a rough time is very theraputic.
    I\'m currently reading a self help book about cognitive behaviour, and the exercise im doing at the moment is great.. give it a try..
    basically, when you get a negative though, write it down or do it in your head, and rate how much you believe this to be true.. for example \'if i leave the house after dark something bad is going to happen, i 90% believe this to be true\' then give a reason for you thinking this, such as \'there i a lot of trouble in this area\' then, give a reason arguing this like \'i have left the house after dark 3 times this week and i have been safe\' now rate how much you think you believe this statement again, it takes practice but arguing my thoughts is really getting me through the day.
    but in the meantime, the guys who blog on this site are amazing, and so supportive, so keep coming back 🙂

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