New to this. Like everyone I hate the feeling. It is like the feeling when you have when someone is watching you. Like someone is staring but no its just the fear of anxiety. I feel like I had always had anxiety as a child but very mild. I could never go to school during test days because of fear. Until about the past two years I had been fine until it hit me my first attack. I thought I was going to have a heart attack while driving. I pulled over to a gas station and they called me an ambulance to only put me on fluids and send me home and tell me I was fine. After that months go by and another…then weeks and now almost every day because I am just waiting for it to come. I love working out and love food. Recently lost the appetite for both. Could it be my military past could it be the nervousness of starting my new job and leaving the old one. My most recent was due to a burning pain in my chest. I was prescribed some heartburn medication and My DR. Suggest medication for the anxiety. I am not sure if I want to take them yet. I’m not sure or maybe more scared to take them. Do they help? Does it get worse if you take them and stop? Any thoughts on that and your opinions are welcome. This site is great I felt like reading some of the blogs have helped me somedays. I hope others may relate and maybe feel relief knowing it’s not just you because that’s how I now feel. I come here whenever I feel like I’m coming down down with another. Let me know your thoughts

Thanks in advance!

  1. delane 5 years ago

    Lagarcia, first of all, i’m glad you’re here and sharing, too. **hugs**
    You’re not alone, either!
    Regarding the meds: you won’t know until/unless you take them, how they’ll affect you. Some actually DO help, significantly….and if you were to stop taking them, things can get pretty bad, pretty quickly–or, they may not. That’s why you and your docs need to pay attention to whatever is/not going on in your life, w/or w/o the meds. Maybe keeping a journal might help in that regard…. Also, it may help to ‘talk’ to someone? Sometimes, just saying things out loud can help us gain new perspective….just sayin….

    i dunno if it helped any, but that’s what i’ve got for today…lol

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