Day 1 – 8/21:

Moved into my single. Room is pretty spacey, but definitley more like a jail cell than a dorm room. Bed uncomfy, walls too close – yea it may not be perfect, but i'm doing it. I'm out on my own. Time to start band camp! =D

Day 2 – 8/22:

HOLY F$#%!!! I'm tired and i ache all over! Also finding it hard to make friends…considering I jumped into a closet and waited 5min to avoid people who were coming my way. Yea… Also wiping every doorknob and such that I touch. Note to mom: "send more wipes!!"

Day 3 – 8/23:

So not used to this getting up early crap and running drills right away in the morning. Still achey and now I'm stressing so much about being in a new place that my ulcer has started to bleed. Also forgot the meds for that at home…greeeaaat. Hiding in my room.

Day 4 – 8/24:

Made a few aquaintences today. They find me unusual and of course question my peculiar habits, but i'm not hiding anymore. I told them I have OCD, its just one of my things. and left it at that. I hope they don't think I'm overly strange, but i can't pretend i don't have it i'll just drive myself nuts. No this time = clean slate. Speaking of clean, out of wipes. I have resorted to wearing sleeves in august to open doors.

Day 5 – 8/25:

Almost died in an elevator. Something broke and we were free falling and then got stuck for 15min. I am claustrophobic and there were like 5 girls in the elevator with me screaming and crying and bumping into me. Got out safely, just scared to death. From now on, I take stairs.

These were some notes from my journal, just thought I'd share =) Wish me luck! I hope I can do this!!

  1. weasel232k 10 years ago

     You can.  I moved in 8/20 for my freshman year and am having an equally hard time.  But we can do it, and we will.  Each day will get a little easier.  We're both going to make it.  In a few weeks, we might even be perfectly comfortable.

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  2. anxiousinohio 10 years ago

    You can do it. I am so proud of you!

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  3. ocdmama 10 years ago

    Thats a huge step that you are there!Good job!

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  4. eetilton 10 years ago

    All of us with OCD at college can stick together and pull through this! I believe in you, and am sure you'll find some understanding new friends there 🙂

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