Imma be honest I just don’t know what I’m doing on this. I think maybe I just wanna get some advice from people that know what it’s like to have depression and anxiety. Sometimes I feel like everyone around me just don’t understand. I could be having a great day and out of nowhere I start feeling depressed, or they could say something to me and my brain just mixes it up to the point where I’m over thinking it. Like just the other day my mother in law told me something to try and fix our problems then my boyfriend said something that I took to heart while we were out and when I got home I stayed in my room crying for three hours I just don’t understand why I’m like this…

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  1. sade2000 3 years ago

    hey, I used to have really bad depression and now it has gotten better. I know what it feels to have that switch. To me, it felt like I turned into this sad person who consumed me and I wanted to get out of my head and just escape. Every experience is different and if you need anyone. I would love to talk and be there for you…

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