so on friday… i went to a place called the cascades which is a formations of rocks coupled with rapids a lot of bush and great swimming. place is an all around good time. i went with my buddy and his dumbshit girlfriend. had a few drinks (this is the middle of the afternoon for the record). when 430 rolls around its time to go back to town. so we pack up. me and dumb girl are pretty drunk. but she is falling over cant walk drunk. in a place like this… the inability to control your own body is life threatening. a lot of people have died here due to being stupid and not recognizing the risks of their surroundings. anyways… so here is me drunk and giddy… and her falling down rolling around on the rocks. shes got cuts up and down her legs.. minimal of course.. just scratches mostly. now we are approaching the steep areas. my buddy doesnt wanna help his own girlfriend walk… so i decided to do the right thing and help her walk to the best of my ability. im barefoot as i always am there.. better footing for me. so this broad slips.. if she fell.. she would have fallen 30 feet straight down into the rapids… so even though shes bigger than i am i plant my feet catch her and struggle to move her to the safe side. as soon as i planted my right foot i felt the jolt of pain in my pinky toe. cut down to the bone on a branch. but i kept myself planted until she was safely sat down out of harms way. now im screaming in anger that i could get an injury like that saving someone. wrapped my toe in a ripped tshirt and an elastic band and proceed to hop my drunk ass out of there by myself! this hike takes 15-20 minutes on a good day… took me 45. saw 20 people on my out and not a single person helped me… even though im crying the whole time and dragging a bloody towel with me. my buddy had to carry her out. we went to the hospital. now shes crying and whining that no one will pay attention to her. she got a couple bandaids and sent home… i however got 5 stitches and now out of comission for 2 weeks. she tells me to go fuck myself when i called her on lying to the doctor about what happened to her. forgot how i got hurt in the first place and causing a scene. and theres me.. drunk and just happy i didnt have to watch this loser die. i feel beyond hurt and taken advantage of. she did not thank me for saving her LIFE. instead she tried to get all the attention on her. leaving me to get my stitches and treatment alone for sake of shutting her up. i did the right thing.. my conscience is clear and i saved a life. but why is it that the hero must bear the wounds? i find it disgusting that someone could be that ignorant to the person who saved them. i find it horrifying that i passed 20 able bodied people and not one person offered to help the obviously distressed 100 lb girl limping in a bikini bleeding all over the trail. i need some inspiration to continue to do the right thing… when the public is so unforgiving of its heros. which i may not look like one, but i know what i did, i have a witness and still no one gives a shit. 🙁 very disheartnening.. what do u guys think?

  1. amanda8617 9 years ago

     You did the right and courageous thing and although the girl who you saved is an idiot your a hero in my books! good for u!

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  2. her_ocd 9 years ago

     What a gentleman! Sorry you were not appreciated, but we consider you a Hero!

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  3. jessii_lewii 9 years ago

     i do know i saved her life. she would have fallen 30 feet head first into rapids heavily littered with rocks weighing tonnes. although yes u are right. my claim for heroism is a little tacky at best. but i did save that girls life… which is something i have never done before. i am amazed at the kind of person i am.. considering i made a split second decision to allow myself to get injured to do so. i felt the branch graze my foot and knew if i planted it would happen…. but in the end i would rather get stitches than watch a girl die. and sadly most people would have saved themselves….

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