Hi.I haven't been on here in years I guess. I kind of forgotten about it till I got a message in my email today.My OCD was really bad. The worst part was the phobias I have that we're caused by being exposed to something. Anyways I would think things were “contiminated” and my husband would yell at me and make me cry for years he treated me cruelly. He started being a miserable jerk to my kids. Which is on his part not because I'm sick. He liked to blame everything on me. What kind of a person is cruel to a person because they are sick? Anyways the phobias were caused by his daughters nastiness . We were together for 22 1/2 years married for 17 1/2 years we have three kids together. I had OCD for at least 25 years but have the phobias for like 7 or 8 years. So he started just being a jerk all the time and telling at my kids all the time.So I said I was gonna move in with my mom back in mass where I came from. We were living in Connecticut. So he's like ok he couldn't wait to get rid of all of us. We moved out a year and about 8 months ago. He's already engaged to someone else and this skank he was writing to years ago telling her I was driving him crazy. Anyways they suck.So now I am living in a small crappy apartment with my three kids and his skanky daughter that caused my phobias is living in my house. He's suppose to sell it to them. I don't understand how these people can get away with hurting people. It is really hard to take. I have to struggle to get by and take care of me and my kids. While they get to be happy. I feel bad because my kids cannot enjoy their pool this summer. I couldn't stay in the house because I could not afford it:(Anyways on the plus side I only take one or two showers a day versus seven that I was taking being with him and do only one load of wash a day versus seven a day. He ( xhusband) made OCD worse he would deliberately make me think things were contiminated. I also can ignore certain OCD things I couldn't before. Anyways sorry this is so long bit I just wanted to share that being in a bad environment you can't get better. You need positive people around you to heal. The only ones that even get an inkling about it is my kids. Nobody else in my life cares enough to educate themselves about it. My daughter just graduated from high school and got herself scholarships to college and she's gonna be in the honors program this fall and guess what she wants to be?? A psychologist!!

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Seem as though thee arew rays of sunshine in this tale. Focus on the rays of sunshine.

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