Today i got up at 12 had some pancakes and coffee with phil as he stayed the night. I tryed to log onto msn to but it would not let me for some strange reason i think msn was down. I got a letter from a mate and also a phone charm from here that made me smile:).  Instead i went onto yahoo and talked to gorge for a bit. was great talking to him. Then i logged off the yahoo messenger. Then i walked into town with Phil. was a nice sunny day so walked through the park was lovely was soo peaceful collected my thoughts to. When we got to tesco i brought some kick so that was good then went to meet up with some friends. Me and emma got talkin and sat in the gallary in the libuary for an hour just talking about things was a lovely chat. Then we went to macdonallds paid for her meal. we chatted a bit more whiles eating. I got two cheese burgers and a coke she had a big mac meal. then went bk to see everyone else. Then went to Wilkinsons and i brought a journal note book which is awesome its black and funky pics on it. I love it wrote in it already:). Then i got my bus bk as i was hearing voices and seeing things that were not there so i thoguht to grab bus bk to mine. I went bk onto msn see if that would work and hay its working now so its brill. been talking to simon online and its been great not spoke to him in ages. was nice talking to him would love to meet him in real life. I really miss Craig i just want him bk in my life as a bf again. But no he wants to be a girl now upsets me loads. Just want him. was lovely being with him. I sent some Vodka shot things to Simon by mail to i hope he gets them soon:). just wana cut soo badly. I know if i doo that more likely will find out and i cant cope with him knowing so i trying to not but im sur ein the end i will give in:(.


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