Greetings all, thank you for your continuous support and following, makes me feel interesting and whatnot :p

well as you can tell i don't think i've done an update in a while. Surprisingly this does not mean that i've lost. Yes i have slacked off on some of the goals, but that was expected, the main ones are still intact thankfully, and the real challenge that I am prepared to face is jumping back onto the horse when i have fallen off on some of the lesser goals that i need to balance of my life. And even better, i have a plan!

So my genius plan is that i'm going to stay up all night. Yes i know it's sounds stupid at first glance, but first listen here. I still have a paper to do, so i'm gonna pop an A.D.D med, do my paper, do lots of laundry, clean my room, shower, breakfast, and go to school, then tomorrow i'll hopefully be so tired i'll get to bed on time and be on track again for all of my goals eh?

Anyways, why do some girls just like starting rumors? i was at church and this girl Kim, who i had in my honors chemistry class when i was a sophmore, so 4 years ago showed up in the singles ward. Anyways she started talkin to me, being very nice and all but as we walked out of the building, 2 guys called her name. She sat there, thought about it for a sec, asked me to wait at the door for her, which i was fine with no big deal, and went and hugged these 2 guys. When she came back she said thanks for waiting at the door for me, i just wanted to get a rumor started.

Okay come on, yeah i know she was trying to insinuate that she wanted people to think that she has a romantic interest in me, and that is the best way to quickly become known in a singles ward because they just love their gossip, but even if it is a harmless rumor at the time, why would you do that? that just kind of bugged me.

Well! i've spent an hour on here O.o didn't mean to, i always get distracted with you DT guys! such good friends 🙂 well love you all, endure to the end.

This is Day 7, and it's a half assed Victory :p


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