anyone have a tendancy to, when something really really genuinely bad happens, feel so angry you're actually shaking and can't think straight and feel a bit like…uneasy and even a little flu-ey?  i feel that way right now, because our old estate agents at the old house have jerked us around so much, at one point left us without properly running bath/shower water for 5 weeks, have taken an attitude with me, and it's been 2.5 months since we moved out and we still haven't seen our deposit returned to us, so i wrote to every govt representative/newspaper/tv watchdog etc. plus sent a formal complaint to the main estate agent office with a list of everyone i've contacted, it's like a 7-page document. 

then on top of that, i have to talk to our son's childminder after work today because she just out of nowhere yesterday said she's handing in her resignation!?  and george talked her out of it but…we don't even understand why she did it!  she was so reticent about explaining it to him, apparently, and came up with weird things like…his spare clothing had a couple stains on them ???  i'm like…uh, stains do occur no matter how much you wash clothes, he's a baby so they're all secondhand anyway, and i always put in the rattier clothes for spares anyway so he can wear the nicer clothes for normal wear, i mean…what is she doing, implying we're negligent parents? my mind is racing here about it all, i feel so ANGRY at these people, i just don't know why people can't just…be open with each other, nice, talk things out, treat each other nicely, and why businesses can't just be ethical – and i just feel so much adrenalin i guess, from how much anger i'm feeling, and i hate it, i hate feeling angry!  i was fine yesterday and then all this crap and ugh.

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  1. Sany27 14 years ago

    I hate feeling angry too. I can't stand it and it worries me. You're right to be angry tough. I would be too. My problem is getting angry over little things and when I'm under stress or over reacting without a reason. You could try sending another note to those estate agents telling them you'll sue them. As for your child minder, don't worry about her silly comments. How can that be a reason why she wanted to resign?!

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