Hello Everyone!

Just thought I would share what am doing to try to help myself and hopefully inspire others. Simply writing down and addressing the things that make me anxious calms my nerves for the time being.

ANXIETY: Unfinished Tasks At My Work-Sometimes I can't finish things by myself I am waiting for others to finish the first part before I can continue and I hate the feeling of it hanging over my head. SOLUTION: Attack one at a time, be persistent in reminding coworkers to complete their end of the task.

ANXIETY: Europe Research-My Fiance and I are going to Europe for 3 weeks and that is totally awesome, but researching best prices, trains vs planes, etc is getting me nowhere and my fiance doesn't like to commit unless he is "Absolutely sure we have exhausted all research options" and I just want to check what we have to do off the list! SOLUTION: Devote 30min of research a day, do not move on in research until a decision is made about the portion of the trip at hand.

ANXIETY: My parent's physical and mental health-I have blogged about this many times for my Mom, now they are testing my Dad for Parkinsons. Sigh…SOLUTION: Positive thoughts and prayer, there is nothing else.

ANXIETY: Job Situation/Student Loans-The long story short is that I have a master's degree and can't find work in my field or work that pays me according to the level of having a masters. I feel lost and ashamed about this. SOLUTION: I am going to stop looking for awhile. I am employed and things are managable. Looking for a job in my field is no longer high on my priority list.

ANXIETY: Phone-I am always afraid it is bad news and I have to drop everything to address it. SOLUTION: Give myself a little pep talk before answering the phone or listening to voicemails. "It is ok, this call is not bad news."

ANXIETY: Tardiness/Traffic-Apparently traffic is a very common anxiety and tardiness, I just want to be considerate! 🙂 SOLUTION: Try to keep in mind that it is not the end of the world.

And, as always, for generalized anxiety, making lists! And dancing! Hang tough everyone!

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  1. freefalling48 12 years ago

    I would just like to say that your way of dealing with anxiety is very impressive….so much of my anxiety is feeling out of control so I will use the same method of listing my anxiety and then listing my solution….thank you =)

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