I'm proud of myself, but still anxious. I dreamed about my baby last night. I dreamed that I was cuddling with her, then I woke up to find I was cuddling with her older sister. haha

Anyway, I had to lay on the couch for awhile after getting up 'cause I was feeling light-headed and anxious. I ate some bread while I was laying there. After awhile, I was still laying there and my cat Velvet came over and wanted to "climb in" somehow. She loves to hide under things. (Right now she is under a blanket on my lap.) Well, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt under a sweater, so I had a silly idea. I lifted up my sweater and said "Wanna come in?" lol So she did, and we cuddled together like that for quite awhile. She even purred–she hardly ever does that.

Anyway, why I'm proud of myself–I cleaned out the litter boxes (2 of them, anyway; we have 3). Then I picked up all the papers that were getting spread all over in the kitchen hallway and put them in a new plastic bag and threw away the old torn one. I even threw away some of the papers that looked especially useless. Then I did something drastic: I threw away ALL of the empty, squashed soft drink cans I could find. I had started a collection, intending to do who knows what with them. NO MORE!!! I also threw away several of the empty kleenex boxes that were around. One of them seemed especially pretty to me as I started to tear it up. It even occurred to me to keep parts of it for making something. "NO!" I told myself, and tore up the pieces even more. And the paper towel tubes that were on the floor–I threw those away. I've kept some 'cause they make great fire-starter, but these were on the floor in disgusting places, so I just got rid of them!

Anyway, I'm starting to write a book here…. Hope you're all having a good day! 🙂


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