of course nobody works the program the same. we all work our progam to the best of our ability. every new comer i meet gets my personal business card with my home number on it and my cell phone. i invite them to call me anytime 24/7 and if i have to i will go meet them for coffee if it will keep them from picking up. some people think i have no compassion for my fellow addict you better think twice. just because i come across a blog and reply strongly to it does not mean i do not love my fellow addict new comer or old timer. as my sponsor would say Get out of God’s way and let him work.

I did not get in recovery by holding back my true feelings and desire for learning all i can about what makes the true addict tick. yes i can be a hardass but you can only buy into someone’s shit for so long and it starts to be old and you start to be the enabler. i have seen many friends die from tis damn disease we call addiction. why? because they did not solve the problem  that kept them from getting and staying clean. i sponsor 7 guys today and they are all on different steps and they know when they are done with the first round of 12 we will start over.

for every action in recovery there is a reaction. to become reachable you have to be teachable. if i have made one simple suggestion that has helped any one of you then my job here is done. i am not asking you all to like me. i am here for me not you. if by chance you get something from what i have said great if not, i tried. this is a selfish program over the years we learn what has saved our ass and use it over and over to keep saving that ass that needs to be saved. here’s a great example what do you have after you take away the drugs from an addicted horse thief? a f#@king horse thief. it’s up to the individual to make the desicion to get clean and stay clean. the Steps will save your life. if it takes some harsh criticism to get your ass in gear then so be it.. stay clean and be good to yourself.



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  1. jjrocksarizona 13 years ago

    nope just stating my opinion on a blog i felt needed to be addressed in my own casual style. you know open my crocodile mouth and overload my alligator ass. not truly regretting what i said because i was just trying to get my suggestion out and of course in my own style i might have stepped on a toe or two. so i peceeded to make my amneds and life in recovery hopefully moves in a forward direction for all parties involved pertaining to this matter. i have moved on and i hope everyone else has too by now. nice to hear from you sheila. stay clran and be good to your self.


    NA Hugs,





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