in my few days back to back in this program we call Narcotics Anonymous, i have heard people say that they have been recovered by the grace of God. funny how they say that. after over 2 decades clean i have still not been hit up side the head by the magic wand of recovery. i am a true believer that God brought me to NA and NA brought me to God. yes i attend church, but i also attend a lot of NA meetings and am of serivce as the RCM one for my area at Region. we recently had one of those Recovered types with 14 yrs clean go back out because he stopped doing the thingsd that got him those 14 years in the first place. he put his Recovery on the back burner and relapsed. also for those who say they have been recovered by the grace of God why do they even attend meetings if they are recovered. please don't misunderstand me the lie is dead we do recover. but we never and i mean never become recovered. no where in the Basic text of NA does it ever say we become recovered.

I truly hope you never run across one of tose type of people because sooner or later they are going back out. it's just a matter of time before they stop attending meetings on a regular basis, stop calling their sponsors, stop working the steps and doing all the things that got then their clean time in the first place. we have to put our trust in the God of our understanding and the 12 step process that has saved 1000's of lives since it's inception in AA in 1934. NA did not come along until 1953. i don't know abouot your area bu8t we always have the same people who think they know it all, how to run conventions, meetings, unity days and many more recovery related activities. those people who thirst for power in recovery are also headed down the trail of relapse. sooner or later they are not going to get their way and their world is going to cave in around them. we come to our first 12 step meeting with no expectations and put our lives in the hands of strangers we have never met. yet these people say things that make sense to us because they too are addicts.

if your new to recovery give it one year and if you don't like the person you've become or you don't believe your an addict anymore we will refund your misery 100%. it's your choice.


NA hugs and love,






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