dear tribe family and friends, first off to my friend Jose’ thanks bro for all the motivational posts. they really help me a lot. well out of the four areas which probably have well over 250 members we maybe had 35 show up. our area took care of the food. i got up at 7:30am and picked up the food at 8:30am. little did i know when i got there i was also the one with the most clean time so i was asked to be the speaker.

so i talked for about 45 minutes in what NA can do in your life if you let it. i did not try to cram the program down your stomach or up your ass or try to act like i do know everything about recovery, because the longer i hang around the less i know.

i talked about the peace and serenity in my life today because of NA. without the 12 steps in my life and actually using them on a daily basis i would not have what i have today. i talked about the sadness that has been in my life in the last 40 days with both my parents passing, i talked about my 21 year old son getting arrested yesterday in Juneau, Ak for possession of heroin, hash, grass, vicodin and God knows what else. maybe this time he’ll f$#king get it and maybe he won’t. all i can be is am example of recovery for him.

it was 8 years ago today that my wife cheryl and i met and we have been together ever since. God I love NA and what it has done for me. please have the patience to let it do for you what it has done for me. stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA hugs and love,




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