this is perhaps the favoritest piece ive ever done… it's still shit but maybe you'll enjoy 



by me

still my heart
if there is still a heart to still
the date to end all dates has left
just bring me the fucking bill

no more looking
no more feeling
no more beating
I've finished failing you

stop the beating
either one will do
the one in my chest
or the one i do for you

no more hurting
no more cutting
no more drinking
swear tis true

if there is nothing left of me
there is nothing left for you
you took it all away
now noone else will do

no more loving
no more trusting
no more thrusting
into you

nothing left to live for
life is simply meaningless
so i die now
just for you

no more breathing
no more healing
no more pulsing
red and royal blue

if you were to ask
if i still love you
with my last breath
i simply say I DO


Currently listening :
Ride the Lightning
By Metallica
Release date: By 25 October, 1990


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