I put a bunch of my stuff in my car and drove off. Then I came back. I have nowhere to go. Dad is out though, probably getting drunk. I've thought about doing that myself a few times. I might even go get some more wine to try to take the edge off.

I was going to leave the 31st but I'm going to take off on the 30th instead because talking to anyone here is like talking to a box of rocks. They're all nothing more than a bunch of stupid, uneducated, inbred pricks. And if I can't get my car inspected in time, who cares? I can make it to NY before it runs out and that's all I need – to get out of here.

I hate my family, I really do. I'll let them all rot to death before I ever lift a finger to help these abusive assholes. If my Mom wants to fall madly in love with her own son, that's fine by me, not my business but I'm not listening to her gushing over him anymore, it makes me sick. I'll never forget the shit she said to me and I'm sick of her trying to influence me. Telling me that showing any amount of skin is trampy just because she weighs 300 pounds and no one wants to see her fat ass, my Dad included. Telling me how my hair should look, trying to convince me that having sex before you're 30 makes you a slut. She's so fucking unbelievable, she's mentally ill.

After everything, all I wound up with was a swollen lip, a packet of blood stuck under my skin on my thumb that eventually ruptured, a hunk of skin scraped off my toe, and an injured back. And I'm sure they'll gang up on me tomorrow, too. I'm not even going to bother eating until I get out of here, I'm keeping my door locked and am avoiding all contact with these freaks of nature. They're dead to me. And if they think they've got me pinned down as far as school and finances go, I'd like to point out that I owe about $25,000 and if I don't pay it, my family can. My Mom thinks she can get out of it but she's a dumb cunt and she'll learn really quick what it's like to be a co-signer. If a co-signer didn't have to do anything I wouldn't see any point in having one at all, would you?


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