I have good news guys,

While my first idea on a text tattoo is on hold, simply because I yet have to think of something that represents me (this is something I don’t want to rush into…) I have long thought about a visual tattoo that can be simple, elegant, represent youth, and at the same time mean something beautiful to me. What I have thought of, some people may think is a bad idea, or a bit of an uglier choice of the variety, but none-the-less, this is going to be it.

Just above the left shoulder blade, on my back, will be a dandelion, not too large, but enough to look at place in the location. It’s going to be black and white, and the little flurries of the dandelion will be flying from the flower leaving a magical trail towards my neck. Midway, the flurries turn gradually into black birds, small birds coloured in.

Why have I chosen this tattoo you may ask? These are my reasons

1)      Some people consider dandelion a weed, but for me it’s an unconventional beauty. It’s so completely different from every other flower; it is unique, just like me. Secondly, the flower itself means so much to me because it represents innocence, youth. When I was a child, and I’m sure everyone else has, dandelions were those pesky flowers everywhere in the peak of spring. You would grab as many as you could, and blow into them, awed at the beauty of white flurries escaping into the wind. You would run, and watch them drift away, until you looked hard enough towards the sun and couldn’t see a single one anymore. As we grew up, we paid less attention to these things, and became the people we are. We grew out of fantasy, or loving simple things that only children could love. This to me proves the innocence of youth, and how beauty to me is something so internal, or pure, I can’t even begin to explain it…

2)      The flurries flying out of the flower, towards my neck represent me, as a person, always wanting to fly away. This is representing my childhood turning into youth, becoming a new form. The black bird is something I become, free and spirited, unable to contain.

3)      The other concept of the dandelion is making a wish, which I always have. No matter what I go through in my life, good or bad, I can always look at this tattoo and see that I can dream, and wish, and that I don’t need to feel chained to the ground because as this flower I am completely free. Redemption, freedom, innocence, this is what my tattoo is about


Please let me know what you guys think, I am so excited about this!



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