I believe my husband is severely depressed but I cannot do anything to help him. First we were in a car accident 6 years ago and it left him with a lot of pain, his left hand paralyzed. He had a broken back, broken neck, spinal damage and brain trauma. Most of the time he is ok.

Now he is mutilating his left arm to the point of were he is just one big scab. He does this unconciously. Also in his sleep. He is also sleeping all day and then wants to do things like go for a ride in the car in the middle of the night. Or sometimes he sleeps a whole day and night. Doesnt eat. Then claims he has insomia. He tells me to wake him but he will not wake up. Tells me to leave him alone. I know he is in pain but he does not take his pain meds (a non narcotic) but occasionally and he is not on any other medicines at all. He doesnt drink , smoke or take any drugs for receation. I am at my wits end.

All he does is watch tv or play video games on the computer. I try to get him to get out and do something outside or read but he wont. We live in a rural area and have 10 acres of land. there is plenty of things he could do that would keep his mind busy. He is retired and 67 years old. I know he has given up but I dont know what to do. I have taken him to the doctor but he just tells them what they want to hear plus doesnt do what they ask.

I have boughts of depression occasionally but I do go to my doctor and get help. I feel the signs and dont let it get me down. I have almost given up with my husband and dont know what I should do. I feel like I am butting my head against a wall. He doesnt try to help his self at all. He was never like this before and had always had goals in life to help him along the way. Could someone have any idea’s on what to do for him. I am at my wits end.



  1. WadeAlexander72 11 years ago

    I”m sorry to hear about this situation. It sounds terrible. The only thing you may be able to do is try to talk to his doctors about his condition – so they get another side of the story instead of his. If they knew what was really going on they may be able to help. There is a good chance this may make him very angry, but you may have to do it regardless for his sake and yours.

    Beyond that I”m not sure what you could do (others here will probably be able to help you). You can only do so much, it”s up to him to save himself more or less.


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  2. Mich 11 years ago

    This sounds like a terribly sad situation for you.  I agree with the posters here that going directly to his doctor yourself might be one idea.  It sounds like he needs some sort of intervention.  You sound like a strong woman who will fight hard for her husband.  My thoughts are with you.

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