Tomorrow is going to be both hell and heaven.

I get to wake up and drive 30-45 minutes to take Mason to the dog behaviorist (aka doggy shrink). I had to fill out more paperwork and 'medical background' on him then I've ever filled out for myself. I thought we (people) had alot of paperwork at therapist and psychiatrist offices. Depending on the out come of that I could leave w/ a positive mindset or completely negitive. I'm hoping the first. Yesterday was a bad day for Mason. He was being horrible and not listening to anything me and bryan were telling him. It's like he will have good days where hes really on the ball and attentive and then others where its like we are shit. I would really like some regularity. This morning he jumped on me so hard I nearly fell over. Everyday he gets bigger and stronger and everyday I feel like another day we lost. I don't ENJOY having a puppy anymore. I live everyday HOPING nothing bad happens…HOPING he can be good. I want to KNOW that he's good. 

After all that hell and maybe MORE hell at work (if I can muster up the stomach to get in) my mom's coming into town …. Then she and my stepdad are going w/ Bryan and I up to flagstaff to spend the weekend in a cabin. Hannah's going with us…I'm super excited. I feel like such a neglectful doggy mom because Hannah's needs have been put on the back burner since Mason's come into our lives. She acts out a little, not listening and what not, shes like a dam human kid! I am happy to see my mom…Feels like forever since I've seen her. 

I hope the morning goes well…I don't really think I'm in the right place (anxiety and depression wise) to deal w/ some horrible news. :fingers crossed:







That is all.

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  1. Wiswell 13 years ago

    Best of Luck, Jade. I hope all goes well with the dog, and I hope you have a great weekend.

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