First, to explain a little of what caused this situation… For 11 years I drove truck over the road, and I only needed an address, and someone to handle my bills. I lived in the truck.
My mother handled my bills for me, and rented me a room.
That’s where the problems start.
My mother got my bills handled, but not how I asked her. She also paid herself well for doing this.
As a result there’s nothing in savings. No spending money. I’m stuck in that little room with no way to get out of there (permantly).
This morning I got up (at bedtime), Showerd, had something to eat, and went to leave.
As I was going out the door, my mother decides to respond to my request to see my bills as they come in. She gives me a lecture on responsibility, and tells me that I’m not responsible enough to see them.
It seems odd that before I drove truck I had money in the bank, and my own place.
If she would’ve just done what I asked in the first place when handling my money when I drove truck, there would’ve been $74,000.00 in the bank when I got off the road in 2003.
Right now I’m stuck in a go nowhere job, and stuck in that little room trying to scrape up enough money to get a pair of glasses so I can pass a D.O.T. physical so I can go back to driving truck (Local only), and hide enough money from her to get my own place, and get out of that hell hole.
I want to just see the bills, and pay them myself, so I know what I have to work with.
Somehow she has it in her head that I can’t handle money.
She did the same thing to my brother, and my stepdad.
So far she’s gotten the same response from all 3 of us.
My question is who’s the irresponsible one here.
If I can’t see my bills, I have nothing to work with.
I really don’t like being yelled at as I’m going out the door.
I think if I just punch her every time she does that I’m thinking it’ll stop.
I’ve tried other things to get her to stop doing that, and now I’m up to threats, and that’s not working either. I don’t like threats, but obviously she does.
Physical violence is all that’s left.
Appearantly she even likes it when I nag her as she’s going out the door. That came before the threats.
Talking with her about it only caused her to justify it.
So I guess I’ll just start punching her.

  1. dr_fruikenstein 16 years ago

    Well, I would never actually hit my mother, but I feel sorry for the steering wheel in my car after I have an encounter with my mother. I always try to take my temper, and bad reactions away from people. No one needs, or wants to see a 39 year old kid have a temper tantrum. This kid (me) doesn’t want anyone seeing my temper, either.

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  2. DeeDee 16 years ago

    well after what she put you threw I would say go ahead and punch her … apparently she likes to dish it out, she is just waiting for the day to get some pain back… not to sound crule or cold hearted but … if ya offed her you could go to canada they have free health care , or if ya get busted here .. in prison ya get free medical , free food, a free place to stay.. free education.. but on the other hand you have a bunch of guys wanting to call you “Sally”
    I have HUGE troubles with my mother and have seriously considered taking her out and what my options after that are..

    GOOD LUCK to you
    I feel for ya!

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