I know the feeling of the loneliness, the feeling that you don’t feel that you are a person anymore. The feeling that you are hurt by the people that you are closest too, like a lover or a friend. The monster that is everywhere we go, not the monster that is in the closet or under your bed, I mean the monster that are in plain sight on the street that you walk on. Don’t worry about the monsters that are in the mirrors of your own home. The only monsters that are real are the human that walk the plains of this Earth, the sinful beings, the heartbreaks, liars, cheats, and all of the things that you can think of that I can say at this moment.But don’t be mistaken for all of these monsters of being this rude and crude in the life that was to be peaceful that is  now  demise and demilitarization, there is some, only some that are not this monster that breaks us of this shell of echos, some that are good, gracefulness and peace combing true.

  1. naturelover1 4 years ago

    There are in fact evil people among us, I’ve unfortunately witnessed this to an extremity. You have to be the light.

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  2. italiangusta 4 years ago

    “Courage is knowing what not to fear” – Plato

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