I am a 22 year old recovering alcoholic and drug addict who lost his 20 year old brother due to heroin. I began using drugs and alcohol to cope with life at the age of 15. In only a few short months I had put myself into a drug induced psychosis, visited the hospital for alcohol poisoning, and gone in two different treatment centers before the age of 16. My life from age 15-21 was full of drugs, alcohol, loss of passion, relationships, and a blatant rebellion towards my parents advice. My personal experience includes, the use of drugs and drinking alcohol in order to cope with the loss of family members and friends, and to feed my uncontrollable need to escape reality. I have attended 15 different types of treatment for addiction including Sober Livings Recovery Homes, In-Patient Rehabilitation Programs, Wilderness Programs, and Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers.At 21 I got sober after my best friend committed suicide by police. Now my life has changed radically, I have a year sober and an extreme amount of life experience which is capable of helping anyone to understand an addicted person, and how to be effective in an addicts life instead of enabling them to continue on a destructive path.

I have broken free of the chains of addiction, and my goal is to help you or your child to do the same. I was in the same shoes as you or your child and I know everything there is to know about being young and in recovery and I know what has been the most effective in my life and in the lives of the many others I have helped. So if you are a parent and you are at a loss as what to do with your child who is struggling or you are an addict or alcoholic, I offer you a perspective that is extremely valuable and will be paramount in you or your childs recovery.


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