So I had a friend who went to prison a few years back and we were writting to each other and he would send me some of his poems and songs. We were planning on living together after he got out but I ended up cutting off ties with him because I didn't feel like he was someone I could be with. Also at one point in writting to him he had his ex girlfriend from my town give me some of his things that he had left with her. So after he got out he got in contact with me and we talked a little but in one conversation he ended up telling me to just go kill myself over and over so I just cut off all ties with him and got rid of all the letters and stuff. I changed my number and blocked him from various internet services. Now almost a whole year later he emails me telling me he is off parole and wants his stuff and the only thing holding him back was that he was on parole and if I do not send it back to him he will come get it himself. So I tell him I do not have it and he then tells me if I do not send him 200 dollars he will come here and press charges against me for stealing his things and he will have his ex testify against me also. I've been reading up on theft, larceny etc. and I cannot see how he would really have a case against me seeing as he keeps saying I "stole" from him but he really gave me all of his stuff same with his ex handing me his things. I am going to talk to a police officer today who goes to my work on weekends but I really just want to know if he really has anything here because I cannot find a specific case online that states he could really press charges for things he willfully sent to me. I never went to him and took them from him same with his ex. Could someone please help put my mind at ease or at least help me be better informed?


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