Well, taking a look I have been using Depression Tribe on and off for the last 9 years. Yet I always come back since it seems to be one of the most efficient ways for me to lighten my mood back up. Though noticing the graphics settings for backgrounds on the blogs verse text have changed slightly making all my text invisible (could have some pros, but decided was to much of a con).

I've been battling major depression for last fifteen years (medically, who really knows how long in my life). Been a good fifteen years since I was in an intensive outsource mental health care program. It still is an ongoing battle, that I most likely will fight for rest of my life.

Being able to write about my depression and share with others, really does help. It is a digital form of group therapy. Quite often the largest challenge is getting off your chest that you are depressed and talking about it. With talking, you are able to resolve and start to heal.

It is amazing though, I am married, have a child, have a stable job working in a great department and at a place with hundreds of employees. But I still feel quite lonely most of the time. I have no friends to share my interests or hobbies with on the level of which I do. I always feel like I am one of a kind in a sea of people, which no one can relate to. I am hoping my son will develop some of my complex interests. What parent really does not? He has picked up a few of the same hobbies. But does not show the high technical interests I have. At his age, I was programming computers and learning how it all works (which was more of a fete back in the 80's). With my technical engineering interests and skills, my fathers mechanical engineering skills, and my grandfathers mathematical skills I was surprised (but delighted! I could not do it at his age!) at his language arts skills. He is reading many grades above and been writing stories. But alas, thus I still have no one I can relate to. My work is beyond what my wife understands and my co-workers, it's just a job.

I come home and too often the only person I feel like I can relate to is my computer.


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