Sometimes I think very highly of myself. Sometimes I do not. I have high highs, and low lows. Im guessing thats my depression. I wanted to write the positive and negative version of myself. Its something therapist Do when they want you to see both sides. I think its a healthy activity and if you feel so inclined, please do so also. I went to school for Art therapy. I cannot wait to one day help others as I have been helped.

The Positive: I am a very great artist. My style is unusaual and clever. I am a wonderful mother. I try very hard for my son while remembering to care for myself. I make others happy. I am a people pleaser and I wont stop til I make you crack a smile. Atleast. I love my family.. The most important thing in my life is my family. They have been so good and understanding to my issues. I dont know where I would be without them. Great daughter- I take care of my parents as much as they take care of me. Im wonderful with my nieces and nephews. Ive been working more so on my spiritual well being.


The negative: I am lazy! I procrastinate like tomorrow will never come. I need to have more order in my life. I also need to set a better sched for myself. Take better care of myself. Stop smoking. Quit wasting money.Im weak. I feel like no matter how hard I Try.. im weak. My family knows all my secrets and I feel like Ive shamed them. I have went to jail for a week, and i still have nightmares about it. I feel like everyone who looks at me knows instantly that I am an addict. Or that I have depression.


Outcome: Sometimes it may. Be eaiser to write the more negative things. Its most important we focus on the positive. I know Im a decent human being. I know I am loved and I have shown others my growth through sobriety. Together with others who struggle like I do, I know I can face another day.


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