I have been neglecting this blog.  But, the reasons why are generally the stuff that happiness pies are made of (sorry, "Brain Candy" reference).  I have been very busy with shoots and editing, and with trying to get ready for my show (still no date – it seems like, when all is ready, a date will be set, haha).

I started a website for my photography:


Please feel free to spread it around, haha.

I have also been made the official in house photog of Holy Mountain BDSM Temple in Chicago.  It’s a beautiful, posh ass studio, with all the trappings of a dungeon, in an otherwise classic and beautiful environment.  I love it there, and I love the women who work there.  Of course they are beautiful and skilled Dommes and models, but this place has an added mystique – all the Ladies are also artists and scholars.  They throw parties that are classy cocktail gatherings in one room, and a flogging free for all in the next, with naked men bent over against a wall of steel bars, being whipped by giddy, gorgeous Dommes.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love taking pictures of the Women.  They are so fascinating.

There’s no money in the gig, but I get to work with models I could never afford on a regular basis, and I get to shoot in a gorgeous studio (again, that I could never afford).  The Ladies are also planning an art show in January, and they intend to feature my work prominently.  I am actually planning to collaborate with a couple of the Dommes on some mixed media, and have become very friendly with some of these women.  I needed to make some new friends.  🙂

Getting along well with Charlie…  no real change there except that with time, he seems to recognize more and more that I am not the same person who did the things that hurt him the most.   Not anymore…

Everything good about me was so buried in the drugs and the mania and depression.  I was so nuts and so lost.  I had nothing left, and I just wanted to die.  Finding this site, and all of you (and some of you in particular), saved my life.  I have no doubt of that.  I know people get annoyed and agitated over some of the petty nonsense that goes on around here, at times, but anyplace where so many sad folk gather is bound to have some issues.  Coming here helped me find what I needed to put my life back together.  It’s not yet as I would have it, but I am finally happier more often than I am sad, and it has been SO long since I could say that.  And, I know I am gaining on the life I supposed to have.  And, I think I’ll get there…  as soon as I figure out what it is, where it is, and what it looks like (haha).

I will post a notice here about the opening at Gallery B1E and other such things – I know most of you are too far away to attend, but I still want to keep you in the loop.  You’ve helped me so much.

I will try to keep up with this more than I have, and I hope all is well.




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