Well, I am new to this site and thanx to a gentlemans' post! My Anxiety overcame my life after losing my job due to the economy. I also came out of an abusive relationship about that time. After that, I noticed changes in me, weird and different. I went from being vibrant, outgoing, and one of the most confident people I knew….To a Hermitt!..Blinds closed, couldnt go to Walmart because I felt like people would see me sweat everywhere, felt like they talked about me. I was afraid to run into to someone and they would ask how Ive been. I didnt attend family functions, birthdays, not even my nephews christianing! I have done everything to avoid family and friends. Its even stopped me from getting a new job. I am an educated person but I let my Anxiety make me feel like I am not.My Strong mother raised me to be strong so when I seen her cry a few months ago due to whats happened to me, I knew I had to try and fight this! I have gotten better. I go to Walmart now, and leave my place. The blinds stay open! I am applying for jobs. My fear is having an Anxciety attack in front of my prospective employer. Im still not attending family fuctions because I am not ready!!!!! Its been 2 years so who knows. I take a step each day. I knew nothing about Anxiety, what to do, what it is, nothing! I began researching for a while. I knew I couldnt afford therapy and wanted info on Natural things that can help. I ran across this site and read a gentlamens' BLOG. That was me! Thats what I need to know! So, This is my Beginning! Small steps. I will not hurt my family any longer, or myself. I deserve to fight back and so do they! I will be posting blogs frequently. I have bought vitamins and going grocery shopping for health foods, and gonna start exercising, but not going to overdue it. Small Steps!

  1. Jack21 12 years ago

    It sounds like you have a really positive attitude towards taking the steps to get you back to a better place.

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  2. Blazez81 12 years ago

    Thank you. Small steps but I had to start somewhere;)

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