Ending any long relationship seems to included the hate that builds up over the final days.  It all spills out when the words,"it’s over" hits the screen.  No matter how good it might have been all those things that really bugged you are finally released.  There is some satisfaction and catharsis of getting them to the other person but in the end the hurt remains.  If only the hurt of the loss of that constant that used to be there in your life.  Just the phone call or email that you wait for and watch for. 

The phone seems so silent and the inbox so empty.  There is a relief that there won’t be any more ugliness to read.  But even that seems to offer some comfort as there is still a connection.  A sick kind of connection at that. 

When friends have said he’s no good for you and what do you see in him begins to poke at the psyche and you have to see yourself.  What do you see?  Is there such loneliness that anything is better than nothing?  It seemed so.  Being so lonely that any attention, especially the negative kind was better than being alone.  It’s a common ilk to repeat the same behavior.  So how do you stop?  How do you move on with the awareness of what is really good, true and kind?  How do you spot the red flags before they are waving frantically in front of you.  Once bitten twice shy.

There is one power that is perfect love for me.  I am a manifestation of that power and I draw to me that perfect love with out manipulation, freely given and received.  Harming no one, for the good of all acording to the free will ove all.  Blessed be.


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