Jesus heal my heart, the young girl cried alone

I’m so tired of this pain inside, the darkness and the hurt

I need to find your peace, your joy, your love, and comfort

My family may not love me, but by my prayer help me to see

That You and Your Father love me…simply for being me


Jesus heal my heart, help me find the way

To aide my life, and bring the joy         

That no man can ever destroy


I love you Lord with all my heart, she said in the darkness of her room

I need my heart to be filled up…and not be so empty like a dusty tomb

Now that you’re here and in my life, I know I have a way          

To keep of fighting another fight, and to make it through another day


Thank you Father for your love, your mercy and your grace

For helping me to find the strength to face the demons from the past

The worries, fears and pain                                                         

And to come out on the other side

And become the me you have meant me to be




March 14, 2007


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