Ok, so I am feeling really down lately. I searched the internet looking for a forum or anyhing where other sad people are. I found this site. Not really sure how it works yet but im hoping to figure it out. Byt ya, I dunno. Every once in a while I get into sad moods. Usually it only last a couple days but this time it has been over a week and its not going away. I dont know whats wrong with me. I just want to be alone. For the past week I have had the same routine. Wakeup at 8:30, go to work till 4, come home, lock myself in my room, lay in bed till I fall asleep around 1-2 in the morning, and repeat. I keep crying for no reason at all. I am just sick of everything. Im tired of going to work, Im tired of coming home to this house, and im tired of not doing anything.

it seems all my friends ditch me aqs soon as some1 else comes around. my best friend since 4th grade hardly ever talks to me any more since he started seeing his now wife. we use to hang out every weekend until about 2 years ago. in the past 2 years I think I have seen him maybe 4-5 times. This girl melissa I work with was pretty much my best friend till she met her bf Tony. Now we never talk anymore outside of work. Then there is Jess. Me and Jess went to high school together although we never really talked. Well Jess use to work where I work before I started there. She came in one day to help out my boss and the next thing I know I went hiome and had a facebook request from here. We talked on facebook for a cou[ple weeks and eventually started hanging out. This was back in march. Things were going great for the first couple weeks. Then the phone happend. Every time we were hanging out she was always on her phone texting. Well she told me she is texting her online friend. Whatever, right its an online friend. Well over the past couple months I have pretty much fallen in love with her. I told her and her response was "sorry, I dont feel the same". Well what the f? I dont want to talk about this anymore. Pretty much I love a girl, She dosent love me, and now she is in Toronto for a week hanging out with her internet friend.


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