What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Feeling out of place in a sense that I don’t know where I belong Dazed and confused Life is set amongst a mist of blur An addiction to ease clouded thoughts I’m so delirious My mind is not set straight Flashbacks of painful deceit causing anxiety and panic attacks Trying to hold myself together Unwritten escapes imprecision My weakness is becoming stronger and I don’t know how much longer I can fight it Vanity fixed in a drift Silence remains our division Healing from exposed wounds Faith remains my only redeemer Hiding behind shields of deception Searching for false hope Why do I feel like crying again? I have nothing to cry about Does it release my inhibitions? What mistakes have I stumbled across to reach this plateau? Trying to remain emotionless How long can I hold on for? Disguised by deceitful abilities needed for recovery Insecure and self-conscious So uncertain Unattractive Resentment by non-existent emotions Lost soul Drifting away I can’t break down Why has my strength forsaken me? Time seems hopeless Let it go…fade away…escape Blinded by ignorance Oblivious to the present reality surrounding me I want this pain to go away I don’t want to bleed inside anymore Stuck in a moment


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